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Me Uskonnot rauhan European Women of Faith Network sitoutua ja ystävyyden ja yhdessä edistää henkisiä arvoja, sosiaalista oikeudenmukaisuutta ja rauhaa edistävää Eurooppaa.

Posted 8th March 2013

The Finland Women of Faith Network has been very active in several projects. These projects include training for teachers on interfaith dialogue sponsored by the National Board of Education, editing of UNESCO study materials on interfaith cooperation in collaboration with the University of Helsinki and creating a course on interfaith dialogue and cooperation for High School Students as part of the curriculum in schools in Finland. The Network is also in the process of obtaining funds to translate the ‘Dignity of Women-Scriptural Reflections Exhibition’ into Finnish and Swedish.

Posted 15th February 2013

The Belgian and the Finland women of Faith Network organized an event, in the framework of King Abdullah II of Jordan appeal at the United Nations, adopted by the UN in October 2010, as World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Posted 5th February 2011

On 5 February 2011 people from different religions gathered at the International Cultural Centre CAISA in Helsinki. The talked about world harmony from different religious perspectives followed by poetry reading and music. The event was organized by the Finland´s Interfaith Dialogue Network, which consists of Kaupunki yhteisönä ry. / Living Together in Cities, Helsingin Uskontojen Foorumi / The Forum of Religions in Helsinki URI, Religions for Peace Suomen naisverkosto/ Religions for Peace Women of Faith Network in Finland and Uskot ilman rajoja / Faiths Without Borders.

Posted 5th October 2010

Representatives of the Finnish Interfaith Dialogue Network and Religions for Peace Women of Faith Network in Finland handed the 2010 Golden Rule Award to Tarja Halonen, President of the Republic of Finland at the Presidential Palace on 5 October 2010.

The President has promoted dialogue between cultures and religions in Finland as well as internationally. President Halonen summoned the leaders of Abraham’s religions after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. For her initiative the religious leaders of Finland have met regularly since 2001.


Journalist and theologian Heidi Rautionmaa handed the award on behalf of the Finnish Interfaith Dialogue Network. In her speech Heidi Rautionmaa noted that one of the aims of the peace education is to promote knowledge which would help people to act as global citizens and to change those social structures and ways of thinking which cause injustice, violence and ecologically unsustainable way of life.


In order to guarantee the continuity of the dialogue Heidi Rautionmaa suggested the establishment of a ’Dialogue House’ in the capital city. It would support and promote the intercourse between representatives of different religions and ideologies as well as to pave way for cooperation between religious and non-religious activist for building peaceful social coexistence.


RfP Women of Faith Network in Finland organized a peace prayer event at Loviisa Peace Forum on Hiroshima day, on August the 6th 2010. Loviisa Peace Forum is a meeting point of people, ideas, cultures and religions. The aim is to lessen fears of humankind, find new ideas and celebrate life.  It is organized annually and the highlight of the Forum is a Hiroshima Day gathering in the port for a speech, a concert, singing together, and a candlelight peace procession to the beach where candlelit boats will be put into the sea. Women from different faith traditions took a part of that gathering in organizing program. There were prayers, peace songs and instrument playing from seven religions or spiritual traditions. 

Posted 8th March 2010

The Religions for Peace Finnish Women of Faith Network was launched on the International Women’s Day, 8 March 2010. The working group consists of women from ten different faiths and denominations and is the first inter-religious women’s group in Scandinavia promoting social cohesion: peaceful and just communities with the interfaith dialogue and cooperation. The Religions for Peace Finnish Women of Faith Network share the vision of Religions for Peace European Women of Faith Network, and they commit themselves in a spirit of friendship to work together to promote spiritual values, social justice and peace for an inclusive Finland and Europe. The Finnish Women of Faith Network's Moderator is Ms Heidi Rautionmaa who also serves as a coordinating-committee member of RfP European Women of Faith Network. 

All the above work has been achieved with very little resources. Funding continues to be a challenge in this current economic recession. However the members of RfP EWFN overcome these challenges and are able to bring women together for dialogue and common action. The RfP EWFN Annual Report gives details of the Networks accomplishments to date. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done but we are sure that with the strength and resilience and support from RfP Europe and International we will continue to flourish and achieve a peaceful society.

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