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Declaració d’intenció
Nosaltres, la Xarxa Europea de Dones de Fe de Religions per la Pau, ens comprometem en un esperit d’amistat per tal de treballar plegades per promoure els valors espirituals, la justícia social i la pau per una Europa inclusiva.

Declaración de intención
Nosotras, la Red Europea de Mujeres de Fe de Religiones por la Paz, nos comprometemos en un espíritu de amistad con el fin de trabajar juntas para promover los valores espirituales, la justicia social y la paz por una Europa inclusiva.

Posted 16th February 2011

Miriam Diez Bosch an advisor on the European Women’s Co-ordinating Committee reported on a new initiative in Valencia. Over 700 participants took part in an event organised at the Interfaith Encounter Space in Valencia. The event consisted of a continuous public reading of sacred texts of different religions: Catholicism, Islam, Evangelicals, Buddhism, Judaism, Orthodox, Sikhism, Baha’i faith and Hinduism. Representatives fron one religion read the sacred text of the other in an atmosphere of absolute respect and tolerance. They have created the ongoing reading of religious texts in Valencia, inviting different religions (9) to read their The 9 days 9 religions event was part of a 24 cities project in Spain

Posted 20th October 2010

On 20 October a group of religious leaders, staff and members of Scottish Inter Faith Council met in  Barcelona for an exchange programme between the Interfaith Centre of New York, the Scottish Inter Faith Council and the UNESCO Centre of Catalonia’s Department for Inter-religious Dialogue. The aim of the programme was for 8 delegates from each organisation to meet to share good practice in inter faith initiatives in their respective cities.

UNESCO Catelonia, who hosted the trip to Barcelona, a non religious organisation promoted the creation of the Association for Inter-religious Dialogue (AUDI), a multi faith organisation bringing together more than 200 people from diverse religious traditions. Inter faith work in Spain has greatly increased in the last ten years due to changing demographics with immigrants arriving from across the globe. Miriam Diez Bosch was one of the two journalists invited to share her experience as a journalist covering Religion in an International Gathering. She asked the Religious and Civil Leaders not to react only to Media provocations but to be proactive and clever enough to propose Journalistic “good practices” as material for news. She also pointed out that there is a lack of female voices in the news and encouraged the various leaders present to be more visible. Participants blamed some media for being too biased against religious issues but agreed to find new ways of promoting good relations between Faiths and Religious Journalists.

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