Posted 8th March 2013

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The Finland Women of Faith Network has been very active in several projects. These projects include training for teachers on interfaith dialogue sponsored by the National Board of Education, editing of UNESCO study materials on interfaith cooperation in collaboration with the University of Helsinki and creating a course on interfaith dialogue and cooperation for High School Students as part of the curriculum in schools in Finland. The Network is also in the process of obtaining funds to translate the ‘Dignity of Women-Scriptural Reflections Exhibition’ into Finnish and Swedish.

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italy 18th April 2013
Italy: Conference on Women and Public Engagement - A Faith Perspective
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finland 8th March 2013
FInland: Training for teachers on Interfaith dialogue
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finland 15th February 2013
Finland: World Interfaith Harmony Week
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belgium 20th November 2012
Belgium: Sacred Water Campaign
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bosnia 8th May 2012
Bosnia: Launch of the Restoring Dignity Campaign
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belgium 8th May 2012
Belgium: Launch of the Restoring Dignity Campaign
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