Advisors and Consultants



Adalberta Bernardini, ITALY, WCRP Representative to U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) 


Brigitte Chevalier, FRANCE, Permanente Representative UNESCO


Carin Gardbring, Evangelical Lutheran, SWEDEN, Member Advisor Nordic Coordinator Inter-Faith Action for Peace in Africa


Cristina Monteys, Christian Catholic, SPAIN- Catalonia, Member Advisor, Division of Inter-Religious Dialogue, UNESCO

Miriam Riam Diez I Bosch, Roman Catholic, SPAIN, ITALY, Journalist, Communications in the Inter-Religious dialogue


Jacqueline Rouge, Roman Catholic, FRANCE, Religions for Peace Representative to UNESCO

Christina Lee, Roman Catholic, ITALY, Focolare movement

Helena Fantil, Jewish, FRANCE, Consistoire de Paris

Dr. Theol. Annette Esser, GERMANY, member of the German Executive Committee of Religions for Peace, representative for European Society of Women in Theological Research (ESWTR), Inter-Religious Council of European Women Theologians

Noura Jaballah, Muslim, FRANCE, Coordinator in France and Chair of the European Forum of Muslim Women (EFOMW)

Iris Maci-Gjinishi, Muslim, ALBANIA, Chief of Women Department of Muslim Community of Albania (MCA)


Isabel Smyth (UK) the founding CEO of the Scottish Interfaith Council, the Scottish Catholic Bishops Associate Secretary for Interfaith Relations and an honorary lecturer in the Centre for Interfaith Studies, Glasgow University.

Dana Sirkovska Slovakia katedra evanjelikalnej teologie a misie PF UMB Protestant-United Methodist Church The Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies 2007-2012 (committee member)

Ecaterina Evangelescu (ROUMANIA) Orthodox -President Allaince Belgo roumaine

Aneta Jovkovska (Replublic of MACEDONIA) Orthodox Faculty of Theology "St. Clement of Ohrid" Skopje, Macedonia

Eva Palmieri (ITALY / Jewish)

Szilvia Rozs-Nagy – HUNGARY (Christian Protestant Lutheran / C Europe / youth)

Khatuna Tsintsadze, Georgia, Orthodox Executive Director, The Union Century 21


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italy 18th April 2013
Italy: Conference on Women and Public Engagement - A Faith Perspective
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finland 8th March 2013
FInland: Training for teachers on Interfaith dialogue
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finland 15th February 2013
Finland: World Interfaith Harmony Week
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belgium 20th November 2012
Belgium: Sacred Water Campaign
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bosnia 8th May 2012
Bosnia: Launch of the Restoring Dignity Campaign
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belgium 8th May 2012
Belgium: Launch of the Restoring Dignity Campaign
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